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Architecture Analysis and Roadmap
  • Not sure why your robotic software development takes so long?

  • Does troubleshooting and debugging take forever?

  • Unsure how to even begin writing automated tests for your robot?

We talk with your technical teams (software, hardware, testing, etc), and review your code and system architecture to understand your current system design. We then identify areas for improvement and provide a roadmap for making those improvements while balancing business needs. We understand that your software can’t be broken or stalled on adding capabilities as you make improvements, so we develop an incremental plan that keeps the business running while also improving your software.

Test Plan Development
  • Hoping to automate or streamline your testing to reduce manual testing time and costs?

  • Not sure what you should be testing?

  • Not sure how to test?


We look at your current system design and identify what testing can be performed, and provide recommendations on how to perform the testing. The developed test plan will prioritize areas with the most “bang for your buck” so you can benefit from improved testing with minimal downtime or with the most cost savings. This may also require us to perform an Architecture Analysis and Roadmap as many companies can’t simplify or automate their testing without some system architectural changes.

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Robot Hed
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Robot Headstart
  • Interested in starting a robot company but not sure how to start?

  • Been tinkering on a robot but want to make sure you’re going down the right path?

We talk with you about what you want your robot to do and we provide options for a system design, the robotic framework to use, the hardware needed, and potentially help set up the initial software project so you can get started and make progress quickly. We consider your short-term and long-term goals to ensure recommendations don’t have unexpected future consequences. 

Hardware Integration Assistance
  • Need help building your tests of the testing infrastructure?

  • Need to integrate some new piece of hardware into your robot?

  • But you don’t have the internal resources to do the work in the timeframe you need to have a significant business impact?


We help write tests, set up testing infrastructure, and/or develop the code to integrate a new piece of hardware into your system; all for a fixed price.

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