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Build Robots Faster and with Less Bugs

We improve your ability to adapt to customer needs, spend less time testing, and reduce cost, while increasing quality, reliability, and maintainability.
Reduce Cost
Adapt Faster
Increase Reliability
Improve Safety
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Sound Familiar?

Why do even simple changes take forever!?

No way this works by Friday for the customer demo!!

We've spent weeks testing and it STILL doesn't work right!

They changed the hardware again!? Ugh.. it'll take hours to update the software!

Building robotic systems today is too complicated, too expensive, and too time-consuming.

We leverage open architectures, standards, and frameworks, and modern software development practices to help you save time, effort, and money.

By combining 25 years of robotics and software development expertise, we provide reliable and maintainable software solutions for your robotic challenges.

Past Clients

Robots We've Worked On 

Warehouse Robot

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